How to hire a PCO Car from SHS Hire

If you would like to hire from SHS Hire, then please take the following steps:

View our fleet and pick the vehicle you would like to hire, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Make an enquiry online, via email: or call us 0203 627 2625.
  2. Send us copies of your documents + your contact details to
  • Valid UK Driving License* card front and rear
  • DVLA check code
  • Valid PCO License certificate
  • A utility bill/bank statement within the last 3 months
  1. Pay the deposit as quoted to you and arrange collection.
  2. Pay the first week’s rental upon collection of the vehicle.

*See conditions of hire below

How We Work


A deposit is required as a security and will depend on the type of vehicle. As a guide, most vehicles require a £500 deposit, however, our luxury fleet will require £1000. Upon the return of our vehicle, your deposit will become due for return after 14 working days. SHS are unable to return deposits until any outstanding matters are resolved e.g: Damages.

Minimum Rental Period

Our standard minimum rental term for general fleet is 4 weeks, following which, you will move onto a weekly rolling contract. We do provide daily rates for luxury fleet and cross hire. Please let us know your intentions and we will work with you to make a bespoke package to meet your requirements. Should a vehicle be returned prior to the minimum period being met, then your deposit will not be refunded.


You are required to provide your own insurance for a hire. All vehicles must be insured for the duration of the hire. Proof of this must be provided prior to hiring a vehicle from us.


We will complete transfers of liabilities to the relevant authorities to nominate the driver at the time of contravention. On occasion, our vehicle suppliers will charge an administration fee for this process, but otherwise we will charge £18+VAT per PCN.


SHS are not obliged to offer a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident, however, we will work with a trusted accident management team who may be able to offer a replacement.

Vehicle Returns

Vehicles are expected to be returned in the same condition to which they were given to the hirer. This includes bodywork, cleanliness, fuel level & tyre type. SHS Hire operates a fair wear and tear policy in line with BVRLA guidelines.

Vehicle Damages / Wear & Tear

A vehicles condition will be checked and recorded on both sides of the hire. Any discrepancies will be recorded. Prior to checkout, further information will be provided about the vehicle for maintenance.

Clients are required to report any service or maintenance issues with the vehicle so that this can be addressed in a timely manner.

If you do not inform us of a service item and it is found that this has contributed to a loss of use/incident then we are duty-bound to report this. We do all we can to work with clients and arrange convenient appointments. A charge may be incurred if an appointment is missed.

There is a requirement to report damage to SHS as soon as practicable during working hours. This  is so that we can assess an issue as to its roadworthiness/workability in line with licensing requirements. Based upon this assessment we can take appropriate action to reduce your off-road time. CLIENTS ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO CARRY OUT REPAIRS TO THE VEHICLE WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF SHS HIRE *

*save for puncture repairs/ replacement of tyres due to puncture.

Any new damage will be put to the client for their response. SHS will efficiently obtain quotations for damage from approved repairers. The cost of repairs will be fair and in adherence to BVRLA guidelines. This cost will be covered by the client.


The UK legal limit for tyre tread depths is 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tread. SHS will facilitate and cover the cost of replacement of tyres at 2mm and will replace tyres close to this prior to checkout.

As a responsible driver, it is expected that tyre wear, pressure and conditions are checked at least on a weekly basis if not a daily.

Any tyre repair/replacement due to damage/puncture/bulge/tear is at the cost of the client and must be a like for like replacement of brand and tyre type.

SHS will not accept liability for any incidents caused as a result of negligence on the behalf of the driver – e.g. Allowing a tyre to wear or be used in a dangerous condition.

Please view the video below from RAC for guidance on how to check your tyres or for more information visit their website here

RAC guide to checking your tyres.